Monday, May 24, 2010

One Crazy Weekend

ROCKO, Winefest, No Beth....OH MY!!! It was about a month ago, but it still seems like it was yesterday. We had two events, that we support on a bigger scale, in one weekend. And, we were short Beth!! What were we thinking??

We have donated to ROCKO since its first fundraising event. It's a great organization that provides respite care and enrichment services for those with disabilities or special needs. This year's theme was "Jewels of Tazmania". We provide chocolates that are adorned with jewels. We tied each orange or black box with vibrant pink, purple, yellow and green ribbons. These were used at the event as an "on the spot" donation and a chance for a great prize.

This is usually a great event to attend as well! It's nice to be able to work really hard all week to make and package these beautiful chocolates and then be able to see all the happy people buying and eating them at the event.

This year, we were unable to attend because we were participating in Winefest that same evening. Winefest's Grand Tasting is a popular event in Wichita where the proceeds go to support the Guadalupe Clinic. We have been a vendor the past few years at this event. It's always hectic the week of Winefest trying to make enough samples AND get a booth together. This year was even more hectic because Beth was gone and we had another big event that same night. With lots of planning and extra work, we sent the ROCKO chocolates early and were able to set up in time for the doors to open at Winefest.

It was super hectic event..with LOTS of hungry chocolate eaters. We were almost out of chocolates within the first 30 minutes. When we started to limit 1 per person (just so we could allow everyone to at least have a little taste!) we got some glares. I mean, it's chocolate! Who WOULDN'T be mad to be limited on chocolate?!?

All in all, it was a very crazy and hectic week. However, knowing the end result is benefitting a charitable organization makes it all worth it!

And that's the sweet stuff!