Monday, September 27, 2010

Autumn & Art 2010

Autumn & Art Blog

We had our first concession stand experience this weekend at a new Bradley Fair event, Autumn and Art. The event took place behind the shopping center, along the lake. Artists came from all over the country to show off their work and we were one of several Bradley Fair food vendors represented in the food tent.

8 AM Saturday arrived very early after a fun night at the VIP Preview Party Friday night. Everyone enjoyed great food, music and a chance to get a shot at the art prior to the public opening. 

Our decision to sell chocolate, Italian sodas and gelato turned out to be a bit of a challenge in the 90+ degree weather, but with our amazing ice machine and the use of dry ice, we made it work.  We had a great turnout on Saturday; our Palazzolo’s gelato and refreshing Italian sodas did a great job refreshing the visitors while they strolled through the show.

Highlights of the weekend included college graduates try to count change (we didn’t even use a calculator) and watching Jay (Beth’s husband and Cocoa Dolce right-hand man ) transport and entertain us with his frequent ice runs in which he filled his large hiking backpack with bags of ice. 

Year one down! Next year...less gelato, lower temps and case quantities of club soda! ~ Just a bit of flavor!