Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Brush with Fame

I recently received a call from Debbie Kennedy, the Executive Director of the Alumni Association at Wichita State University.  She was planning a surprise visit with the famous, local celebrity, WU, to our store to meet and take pictures with Beth.  Debbie was representing the Alumni Association in congratulating and recognizing Beth and Cocoa Dolce as a Regional Finalist in the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Small Business Awards.

Through several phone conversations and e-mails back and forth, we finally decided on a specific Wednesday evening for the "surprise attack".  This was a perfect night because Beth was supposed to be moderating one of our beer nights that we feature each month.  And, from the picture perspective, I knew Beth would be a little more "clean cut" and have "chocolate free" clothing rather than a normal evening of working in the kitchen all day and then dropping off chocolates.  It was the perfect plan....

Until Beth calls in SICK!!!!

So, Debbie and I went back to square one.  We picked another day and had it officially on our calender.  I told Beth she would be meeting with a potential new wholesale client named William Unruh.  Pretty clever, the initials W.U.  It made all of us chuckle as to how inventive we were!

Beth came in that morning and was helping me get together some samples and packaging ideas for our new client because "I just ran out of time" to do it myself.  She was quickly grabbing chocolates, packaging items and getting paperwork ready.  She was so busy getting these items together when WU came in and tapped her on her shoulder!!

She was completely surprised!  There was a short photo session with WU and Beth, which also included a discussion about chocolate.  Take a look at this little Brush of Fame!

And that's the Sweet Stuff!!

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