Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy New Year!

When each New Year begins, we have a chance to look back at our accomplishments as well as our mishaps. We have a chance to see what we did great and what can be done differently. The New Year allows us for a new beginning.

At Cocoa Dolce, we also looked at this New Year as a new beginning. We are excited for what 2012 has in store for us. But, before we got ahead of ourselves in planning for the future, we reflected on how the days of 2011 helped us grow into the business we are today.

As we talked about what a great year 2011 was, we decided to find out what our top sellers were. The Top 5 Items are listed below!

Thanks again for making 2011 Chocolate-filled!  Here’s to a great 2012!!

1.Caffe Mocha
2. Caffe de Cocoa Coffee
3. Latte
4. Mexican Hot Chocolate
5. Cappucino

1. 57% with Grey Salt
2. Solid Milk
3. Milk with Peanut Butter
4. Milk with Almonds
5. Single Origin Java

1. Vino Cobos Felino Malbec 2009
2. Lioco Sonoma County Cardonnay 2008
3. Small Gully Mr. Black’s Concoction 2006
4. Elio Perrone Sourgal Moscato Biano 2010
5. Lindemans Frambroise

1. Champagne
2. Crème Brulee
3. Salted Caramel
4. Mayan
5. Strawberry Balsamic

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