Thursday, June 14, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

This year, in honor of Fathers everywhere, we’ve decided to come out with some new items geared towards our dads. I could say a lot of cheesy things about fathers. About how they protect their little girls, and show their sons how to be men. Or about what they teach us, like how to understand sports and grill a good steak. Or about all the things they give us, like an appreciation for classic rock and practical do-it-yourself know-how, but the truth is, I’ve noticed most dad’s aren’t big on words. Bacon however, they like. So let’s just say a big thank you to all the great fathers out there, and give them what they really want. 

Here we have a selection of no less than THREE different types of chocolate covered bacon. As you know, we’re chocolatiers, not bacon specialists. So we found some bacon specialists. We use Nueske’s famous bacon, covered in Belgian dark chocolate and available in applewood smoked, peppered and uncured cherry wood smoked.
But wait...there’s more! We’ve also come out with two brand new types of brittle, if that’s more Dad’s taste.

Here we have our Chili Beer Brittle, which is a classic peanut brittle with a twist of Mexican beer and smoky jalapeños.

We also have a Pistachio Brittle made with Sri Lankan Lion Stout in caramelized sugar with tons of freshly roasted pistachios.

Still not seeing something Dad would like? Then we have one more new item, and my personal favorite,

Beer Marshmallows! Old Rasputin Imperial Stout in a marshmallow, then they are double-dipped in Belgian dark chocolate and sprinkled with artisan butter pretzels.
Be sure to come in quick! These will be flying off the shelves before Sunday. Keep in mind we are always happy to take orders if you know you need something for sure.
Happy Father’s Day and enjoy Dads! 

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