Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fortunato #4

We are proud to announce the debut of our new chocolate, Fortunato No.4. This is an extremely rare strain of chocolate that has been lost for 100 years, and only recently rediscovered in a canyon valley in Peru. It is a very unique type of chocolate, possessing complex fruit and floral flavors, and it used to be the most popular chocolate in the world. Sadly, in 1916 disease struck the Cacao trees in Peru that grew this chocolate, and it was thought to be lost. 
In 2007 two men sourcing fruit were exploring a canyon in Peru when they found a very unusual Cacao tree. After sending it to the USDA for genetic testing, it was confirmed to be what we now call Fortunato No.4. It has been named “Fortunato” after the family who currently lives in the same valley and harvests the trees. It took two more years of work to make this chocolate available, including putting together a transportation plan involving travel by foot, burro, motorcycle, and finally an all-terrain vehicle just to get it out of the jungle.
This is a truly unique flavor experience, and something unlike any other chocolate we’ve become used to. In the words of Beth Tully:
 Cocoa Dolce is excited and honored to have exclusive use of this amazing chocolate.  In my years of confection making and chocolate tasting,this is the best fine-flavored chocolate I've ever tasted! Can't wait to show it off to our amazing customers.

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