Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Okay...sorry for the sporadic blogging...collectively, the Cocoa Dolce team agrees to improve by inviting guest bloggers to assist me in my task. Today, I want to let all of our six followers know that we have been named as one of 7 Regional Finalists for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year! Check out this link for more details:

In addition to making a trip to Washington, D.C. in May, where the winner will be announced at a luncheon May 8th, we get to display this cool sticker you see above! And if we are really lucky (and today we do have the luck of the Irish with us!), we will be chosen winner and receive a $10,000 check from Sam's Club, one of the sponsors of the competition.

Not only is this thrilling for my husband, Jay and I, it's a fantastic honor for our business, staff and for the City of Wichita. We are thrilled to represent the mid-west in D.C.

So that's what happened this week. I do have another little surprise up my sleeve, so stay tuned. Until next your passions!

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