Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We recently had a special visitor in from Washington, D.C.  Ian Wagreich, the Chief Photographer with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, came to interview Beth.  Let's back track a couple days.  Beth comes running in the door one day and says "You gotta listen to this e-mail I just got".  It was from our contact at the U.S. Chamber who had helped us submit our application.  The e-mail basically said that they had chosen a few businesses to feature during the summit in May.  No word was spoken regarding being a finalist.  We didn't want to "jump the gun" and assume anything, so we took this as a great honor and gladly accepted an interview.  *** Ian comes in and gets everything set up.  During a busy afternoon, with lots of customers coming and going, Beth proceeds with an interview and photo session.  

We all tried to listen for subtle "finalist" hints...but, nothing came!  Beth, Amber and I  planned a dinner at Chester's Chophouse as a thank you to Ian for coming out.  We were hoping he would spill the beans while we were there.  We all shared stories of trips, family, embarrassing moments, etc.  It was a great dinner.  Amber brought up the subject of Ian needing to travel a lot for his job.  She asked if he was visiting all 75 Blue Ribbon finalists or "perhaps just 7?"  With a smile on his face, Ian said: You know you're a Regional Finalist, right?  After our celebratory cocktail  and the knowledge that we were a finalist, we were all "happy campers" for the rest of the evening!!
...And that's the Sweet Stuff!!

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