Thursday, September 8, 2011

Blast from the Past--Hello/Good-bye Parties

The Hello/Goodbye Party came up on us quick this year.  It’s the party we have right before our college-bound girls leave and after we have hired our new employees. It sounds like a great idea but it always comes around the time when everyone is taking last minute summer vacations and we really don’t have enough hours for new employees. Inevitably, it ends up being more like a Goodbye Party than a Hello/Goodbye but it’s always a good time to get everyone together, regardless.

This is the one party of the year that is Potluck style. Everyone is assigned a dish and Cocoa pays for the main course (this year, it was hotdogs and hamburgers that Mr. Frederick nicely grilled for us). Traditionally, we always try to play a game and have some prizes. The main game this year was a rendition of the Bobby Bones’ Show “Name That Tune” where someone reads the lyrics of a song in a normal tone and everyone guesses the song title and artist. (It’s actually a lot harder than you think but is super entertaining when people realize the song afterwards and beat themselves up about not knowing it beforehand).  

Although it’s fun and games and relaxing with co-workers at a non-work event, it’s also sad to realize that several members of our Cocoa Dolce Family are leaving us. It’s hard to grasp the thought of these young, semi-mature girls we hired just a couple years ago are actually grown up enough to go out into the real world on their own. We hope that they will always take a little bit of Cocoa Dolce with them wherever they go. 

Until next time...that's just a bit of flavor!

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