Thursday, July 5, 2012

Wine, Chocolate and Cheese Event

What's better than a Wine and Chocolate Tasting?  How about adding CHEESE!  For those of you that missed our inaugral Wine, Chocolate and Cheese tasting, we wanted to give you a little information to lure you into coming for the next one!!

The tasting pieces for the evening
Some of the attendees
Jamie Stratton, Wine Educator from Jacob Liquor, answering questions during the tasting    

 Take a look at the menu from this tasty event. (We chose the cheese from Murray's Cheese in New York, but I'm sure you can find something local if you want to venture out on your own tasting.)

1.       Artezin Zinfandel 2010 (Mendocino, California)
a.       Cheese:  Roomano (Holland) COW
b.      Chocolate:  Mezzanotte (espresso-infused dark chocolate ganache with Black Sambuca and crushed cocoa nibs)

2.       Kaiken Aultra Malbec 2009 (Mendoza, Argentina)
a.       Cheese:  Montgomery’s Cheddar (England) COW
b.      Chocolate:  Burnt Caramel  (burnt caramel in a 70% bittersweet ganache)

3.       Conn Creek Herrick Red 2007 (Napa, California)
a.       Cheese: Ossau-Iraty (Vielle, France) SHEEP
b.      Chocolate:  Blackberry (fresh blackberry puree in a 58% bittersweet Belgian chocolate ganache)

4.       Kilikanoon Parable Shiraz 2005 (McLaren Vale, Australia)
a.       Cheese:  Gorgonzola Cremificato (Italy) COW
b.      Chocolate:  Cocoa d’Or (75% bittersweet single origin Tanzanian chocolate ganache)

5.       Quinta do Noval Black Port (Oporto, Portugal)
a.       Cheese:  Colston Bassett Stilton (England) COW
b.      Chocolate:  Pepper (Smoked jalapenos, cinnamon and habenero-infused platinum tequila in a 57% bittersweet ganache)


  1. nice posting. thanks for sharing

  2. I propose that the Chocolate Wine loving community, chocolate makers and chocolatiers come together to honor the rainforest stewards who bring this amazing crop forth from the steaming jungle it is native to.