Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Love at First Sight

With Mother’s Day fresh in our minds, we wanted to fill you in on the process for creating our adorable Mother's Day picture!

We had talked about whether to include models with our promotions, in-store or online marketing, print ads and so on.  However, over the years we have decided that our chocolates speak for themselves.  Plus, the logistics of the “right person”, model fees, etc. just hasn’t fit well into our marketing outlook…until this great idea came along! With some of our staff members as new parents and some great customers in the same boat, we thought it might be a perfect time to have our first model shoot.

As all the mom’s and dad’s unloaded the car seats, diaper bags, wardrobe options, bottles and more, you can imagine the scene at the Cocoa Dolce Kitchen may have been a little chaotic.  Our photographer, a long-time customer and mother of two of our models, wanted everything in place and set up before the parents and children arrived so that everything could run smoothly. In discussing the details of this shoot, we knew the idea of working with young children there may be some tears and attitudes involved, not to mention diaper changes and bottle breaks. So, we spent a lot of time talking about the game plan and having all the props set for the shoot.

In a way, we had hoped there might be some chaos or maybe even a chocolate smudged face in the mix, but it was as if these kids were pros!  Every baby sat and played with their prop just as we had all dreamed about.  We tried to include assortment boxes, chocolate making materials and even chocolate.  With the idea from our great Wichita Chamber friend (and mother of one of the children), we had a list of taglines to choose from and some adorable babies to use as models.
Here are a few shots of the “chaos” of working with such young models. 

Selah Myers (far left baby)

A little tribute to the Cocoa Dolce Family.  Here are 3 employees (former and current) and their little ones.

Abby with Camdyn, James with Adi, Angie with Braden

Who are the Models:
Cash Landon--Son of Courtney and Holly Landon

Audra Myers—Daughter of Matt & Jenny Myers
Camdyn Kocukov—Daughter of Andrew & Abby Kocukov
Braden Gonzalez—Son of Andy & Angie Gonzalez
Corinne Myers—Daughter of Matt & Jenny Myers
Marco Laham—Son of George and Jocelyne Laham
Adi Tully—Daughter of James & Molly Tully

Cocoa Dolce chocolates and adorable babies.....Love at First Sight!

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