Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Pate de WHAT??

There is a new product making its debut on July 11th at Cocoa Dolce.  But what is Pate de Fruit?

Pate de Fruit are recognized as one of the widely known confections around the world.  You can find this confection through chocolatiers around the world or high end gourmet shops.  They are described as bite sized pieces of jellies and covered in sugar.  The process of making these is far more intricate than it might seem.  Since this is a sugar-based confection, temperature, texture and finished appearance is much different for each flavor and completely opposite of chocolates.  So, it has been a true learning experience for all of us.

Pate de Fruit (pronounced “Pat-day-fwee”) translates from French to fruit paste.  The intricacy of this confection is the creation of the base, created mainly from fresh fruit purees. 

The kitchen at Cocoa Dolce has been busily creating these amazing fruity confections all summer.  Are you ready for Black Cherry, Wild Strawberry, Mango, Blood Orange, Lime and White Peach? Check out our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter page for picture updates.

Don’t forget to pick up your box this Thursday, July 11th!

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